For the 2019-2020 season, entry to all meets will be via Swim Central. All registered, financial, competitive members are eligible to enter swim meets endorsed by Swimming Northern Territory (SNTI). The competition calendar, which outlines all meets for the season, is available on the SNTI website


If you need to renew your membership or register as a new member, please CLICK HERE for instructions. 




At a Swim Meet

Most meets allow ½ to 1 hour for pre-race warm up. Meets will be advertised with a warm-up time and a competition start time. For example, 4.00pm warm up for a 4.30pm start, this being 4.00 for pool warm up and 4.30 for the commencement of the competition. Coaches ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than the pool warm-up time to allow for stretches and a team meeting.  Please be punctual!


Casuarina Storm assembles on the kiosk side of the pool near to the operation booth at Casuarina Pool. At Parap Pool we assemble to the right of the pool towards the end as you walk in. If your child is new to competing please introduce yourself to the Team Manager or to the Coach. There will always be someone who can help if you are unsure what to do.

Any withdrawals from events need to be reported to the Team Manager at the beginning of the meet.  If you are unable to attend the meet you are asked to contact the Team Manager via email at All queries and concerns regarding the competition should be directed to the Team Manager on the day.

During the Meet, the Team manager will call your child's name when it is time to marshal. However, it is also the responsibility of the parent and swimmer to know when to marshal for their events. 


You need to bring: bathers, 2 caps/2 goggles (in case one breaks), towel, water bottle, healthy snacks.


Attending carnivals provides opportunities for our hard training swimmers to perform so please make every effort to attend as many as possible.


General Rules and Expectations for Meets

  • Know in advance when your race is due, report to the Team Manager and your Coach before proceeding to the marshalling area promptly.
  • At Meets you should report to the Coach immediately before and after your race. This ensures you receive feedback on your performance.
  • It is compulsory for the current Club shirt to be worn at carnivals or representative events. If you wear a swim cap, you must wear the Club cap at all Swim meets where you are representing the Club. Please wear your Club shirt and black shorts for award presentations.
  • Be part of the team. Sit with the team. Help them with team war cries.
  • Know when your teammates are swimming and cheer them on.