Pack up Procedure  and Duty Club Responsibilities 

If we are Duty Club you will be expected to help out with the duties outlined below. Please remember we are all volunteers and without volunteers Meets cannot run smoothly for your child. Please assist in any way you can. 

Many hands make light work.



Leave Club area completely clean and assist Duty Club with equipment


• Provide gatekeeper for collection of SNTI gate entry fees
   and program sales
• Provide refreshments to officials and timekeepers
• Pool/Equipment set‐up one hour prior to meet
• Equipment pack‐up (chairs, touch pads, timing board,
   starter etc)
• Oversee rubbish collection across pool grounds
• BBQ area to be left clean (cleaning equipment in first aid
• Ensure nothing is left in or around pool (except lane ropes)
• All rubbish bins to be emptied into large bin in car park and
   relined     (replacement bags in first aid room)
• Change rooms to be left free of rubbish and hosed out
• Restock toilet rolls and paper towel if required
• Report to Meet Director before leaving pool