METROLL MEETS 2016 - 2017

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The Metroll Meets are possible thanks to the generosity of the series sponsor METROLL. 2016/2017 Metroll Meets have been created to assist swimmers from affiliated clubs to gain experience in a competitive environment, also to train willing members of the community in officials positions. Times will remain unofficial.


Meet Information

Format: Swims will be open mixed finals.

LC Meet: Events swum in a 50m pool

Age as of: Age on the day of meet. No swimmer may swim up an age group.

Awards: Nil

Entry Fee: $2 per event. NOTE: Metroll Meet 1 will have no entry fee.

Admission: Free entry to pool for swimmers and spectators. Meet Program can be downloaded from the Casuarina Swimming Club website on the day prior to the meet.

Entry Times : Entry times are not required.

Gates Open : 06:15am 

Warm up : 06:30am

Racing starts: 07:00am

Meet Close: 08:30am

Officials/Timekeepers : expressions of interests sent to 

Catering: Casuarina Swimming Club will run a BBQ with tea and coffee. Timekeepers and Officials will be supplied with hot and cold food, tea and coffee and water.  

Entries: Online ONLY via Events Schedule at  ClubLane portal.

Entries open approximately 10 days prior to Meet date.

Entries close 4 days prior to Meet at 23:00 (AEST).

Late entries will be accepted on the day providing there are empty Lanes.

Timing: Dolphin Timing system will be used.

Results: PDF results (see table below) will be available after the meet on Casuarina Storm Swimming Club’s website within 48 hours, or faster by request via


Schedule of Meets 


Events Offered

Meet Program


27th of August

50m Butterfly / 100m Backstroke / 200m Breaststroke

Metroll Meet 1 Program

Metroll Meet 1 Results

1st of October

50m Freestyle / 100m Butterfly / 200m backstroke

50m Backstroke / 50m Butterfly / 50m breaststroke

Metroll Meet 2 Program

Metroll Meet 2 Results

22nd of October

400m IM / 800m Freestyle

Metroll Meet 3 Program

Metroll Meet 3 Results

5th of November

50m Breaststroke / 100m Freestyle/ 200m Butterfly

Metroll Meet 4 Program

Metroll Meet 4 Results

26th of November

100m Breaststroke / 200m Freestyle / 200m IM

Metroll Meet 5 Program

Metroll Meet 5 Results

17th of December

50m Butterfly / 100m Backstroke / 200m Breaststroke

Metroll Meet 6 Program

Metroll Meet 6 Results

28th of January

100m Butterfly / 200m Backstroke / 400m Freestyle

Metroll Meet 7 Program

Metroll Meet 7 Results

11th of February

800m Freestyle/ 1500m Freestyle

Metroll Meet 8 Program

Metroll Meet 8 Results

25th of February

100m Freestyle / 200m Butterfly / 400m IM / 200m Backstroke / 

400m  Freestyle

Metroll Meet 9 Program

Metroll Meet 9 Results

11th of March

50m Backstroke / 100m Breaststroke / 200m Freestyle /

100 Butterfly

Metroll Meet 10 Program

Metroll Meet 10 Results 


Overhead (dive over) starts may be used during the meet. Please make sure your swimmers understand how overhead starts are done. 

Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted behind the starting blocks or in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms. 

In the event of there being sufficient withdrawal from the heats of an event, which would enable the number of heats to be reduced, the Referee may at his discretion either amalgamate heats by filling vacant lanes in a heat or heats with those swimmers whose heat has been cancelled. 

All events are to be swum under Swimming Australia rules. 


Marshalling Procedure 

Once swimmers have reported to the Marshal they must remain in the Marshalling Area until directed to their starting positions by the Check Starter. Failure to remain in the marshalling area may result in the swimmer being debarred from that event. 

Warm Up: 06:30am - 06:50am 

In the interest of swimmers safety, the following general pool procedures for the competition pool must be observed throughout the meet:

All lanes in the Competition Pool, with the exception of LANE 1 is NO DIVING, with entry to the lane ‘ feet first, from a sitting position’. Swimmers can only push start, and should observe a ‘keep left ‘ rule at all times.

LANE 1 (Start End) is reserved throughout the whole of the warm up period for dive sprints and walk backs. Swimmers must clear the lane immediately, and must use caution when doing a Backstroke start.

The usage of LANE 8 will change. Up until 15 minutes before the end of the WARM UP it is reserved as a circle swimming lane. For the last 15minutes it is reserved for dive sprint and walk backs and turns practice as per Lane 1 instructions.

LANES 2-7 are reserved throughout the whole of the warm up period as circle swimming lanes.


Officials Training Positions

Successful swim meets rely on volunteers to fill positions. This is an opportunity to help grow the skills within our swimming community and ensure that we go from strength to strength in the future. If you would like to officiate at this meet OR undergo training in an official postition please email expressions of interest to : 

Thank you to all our volunteers who have already offered to help. The following positions are available at each meet. 

Referee : PAUL CARTER                        Meet Director: ADRIANA DENT 

Starter: Charles Staples



Check Starter:   

IOT/JOS x 4: 

Chief Timekeeper: 

Time Keepers:

Dolphin Operator: 


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