Sports Vouchers

SEASON: 1st July 2017 – 30th June 2018


Casuarina Storm membership is due on the 1st of July.

ClubLANE will automatically make all members unfinancial on 30th June, at midnight.





Competitive Swimmer Categories

Competition Swimmer

$250 - Swimmer trains with squad. Swimmer competes in all levels of competition.


$150 - Junior squad swimmer who competes in all levels of competition. 


Non-Swimmer Categories

Club Only Swimmer

$200 - Swimmer trains with squad. Swimmer competes at Club Nights only. Swimmer DOES NOT compete in inter club meets run by Swimming NT. Membership can be upgraded during the season.


**Optus Junior Dolphins 7 & Under 

Membership FREE: Swimmer must be 7 years old or under. Train on Saturday Mornings with Coach Igor. Cannot enter into any Swimming NT Competition Meets.

Welcome to participate at Casuarina Storm Club Nights. Will receive a Swimming Australia Optus Junior Dolphin Swim Bag once signed up. (**Parent/Guardian must join $30)


Non – Swimmer 

$30 - Parent/Guardian. CANNOT COMPETE in Swimming NT Meets.


Accredited Technical Official

FREE - Accredited SAL technical official working at the club, District, State and National level.




Renewing membership:

PLEASE NOTE: Payments can ONLY be made via the online renewal system. A transaction fee of 1.5% will also be charged (sorry!).

If you are renewing your membership with Casuarina Storm you will soon receive the auto generated renewal email from Swimming Australia. Please contact the Club Registrar if you have not received the renewal notice or you have any problems renewing.   

The renewal invoice will be sent to the member who pays the fees. This means you must know your Web ID and password. Password can be reset or resent, please don't be alarmed if you can't remember.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE CHANGES TO MEMBERSHIP DETAILS: If you would like to change any details in your membership, for example, change from Competitive swimmer to Club swimmer, ClubLANE must be updated first. PLEASE EMAIL THE CLUB REGISTRAR at 

IF YOU ARE NOT RE-JOINING THIS SEASON: Please send an email to the Club Registrar and your membership will be LAPSED and email details removed from Casuarina Storm’s address book. 

Sports Voucher

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A PAYMENT WITH SPORTS VOUCHERS: Please email this request and hand vouchers to the Club Registrar. A new invoice will be emailed to you. Once the voucher is received and the outstanding amount paid, your membership will be activated. The swimmer will not be able to book onto Meets until the account has been made financial. 


New Member Registration:

(For swimmers or parents/guardians who have NOT previously registered with any other Australian swimming club)

Before completing your membership online, new members should confirm their place in one of the Casuarina Storm squads with Coach Igor. To organise a meeting with one of the Coaches please email the Club Registrar at New members can then complete the registration process using the JOIN NOW button on our homepage. New members will have their membership activated once the Committee has formally approved their application.


Transferring from another Australian swimming club:

If you are transferring from another Swimming Australia affiliated club you should contact the Club Registrar at to initiate a transfer. More information on transfers can be found on our website under Membership >Transfers.




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