It is the responsibility of all club members to become familiar with and adhere to the rules and responsibilities of the Casuarina Storm Swimming Club Inc. 


Our club is a non-profit organisation and relies heavily on the support of its members and parent volunteers. Responsibilities of members include:

  1. Committee Membership – The Committee is comprised of adult club members who have been nominated and elected to serve the membership.  All adult members are eligible for the Committee and nomination forms are available prior to the AGM.  The parents of each family should consider serving as a Committee member some time during their club membership. Committee meetings are held once a month, currently the second Tuesday of every month. It is essential for as many families as possible to contribute to the decisions of the club so, if you have any issues you wish to put to the Committee please email the Club Secretary at This will ensure that the club caters for the needs of all swimmers.


  1. Fund Raising Participation – As part of the membership of Casuarina Storm Swimming Club, every family is asked to participate in the various fund raising efforts of the club.  This is essential to pay expenses and obligations not covered by fees.

  2. Train and volunteer as an Official for Swimming NT Meets – All parents have the opportunity to train and volunteer as an official for Swimming NT Meets. There are many jobs you could do; timekeeper, marshal, starter, judge of turns/strokes, etc. Swimming NT regularly sends emails requesting parents to help out. Training is provided.  It is  a great way to learn more about how Meets are run and to learn on the job with training provided by Swimming NT. Speak to your Club committee if you are interested or email Swimming NT directly  

  1. Casuarina Storm endorses the Play by the Rules initiative. Parents are asked to familiarise themselves with the principles of the Play by the Rules initiative at The initiative aims to create a safe, fair and inclusive culture across sport and recreation.  It provides information, resources, online training and promotional campaigns for sporting clubs.

  1.  Parental Assistance is required at:


Member’s Declaration

By joining Casuarina Storm Swimming Club you have agreed to abide by the rules, regulations and policies of the Club, Swimming Northern Territory Inc (SNTI) and Swimming Australia (SAL).


Casuarina Storm endorses the Swimming Australia Safe Sport Framework which is available in full on the Swimming Australia website:


Please Note: Casuarina Storm Swimming Club may use club member names and images for publicity, which may include, but is not limited to, Media, Club Newsletters and publishing of results from swim meets etc.  If you have any objection regarding this matter, please notify the Club Secretary in writing as soon as possible.


Parent/Guardian: Codes Of Conduct


Coach: Codes Of Conduct


Competitor: Codes Of Conduct


Process For Raising Issues With The Committee

If a member has an issue they would like the Committee to discuss or decide upon they must submit their request in writing/email to the Secretary or through the Casuarina Storm email address:

The Committee meets once a month, so anything that is not deemed urgent by the Secretary will be brought to the next Committee meeting. More urgent issues will be processed by a delegation of executive members (Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) as soon as possible. Any formal grievance will be responded to and a meeting called between the relevant parties within 14 days of receiving the grievance.





















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